Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Topiary Tree- Easy Decorating

Fast and easy decorations!

48" obelisk
4- .25 inch dowels
craft wire, ornament hangers, zip ties or string to tie garland to obelisk
4- 6 ft boxwood garlands
2- 15 ft evergreen
green or brown paint for dowels to match obelisk
lights and ornaments, optional

This obelisk was on Amazon for $26.  I've wanted one for the garden for a long time and now I can use it as a dual purpose!

evergreen garlands from the dollar store

black Friday sale for boxwood garland

Begin by cutting dowels to height of obelisk and and paint to match metal. Secure 1 in each large space with wire, zip ties, etc.

Next, bend one end of evergreen garland around post of obelisk.  Wrap garland around obelisk leaving large spaces in between each row.  When you get to the end, bend around another post of obelisk, repeat with second garland.

Now start attaching the boxwood garland by wiring/ tying one end of garland to obelisk and wrap tightly between evergreen or every 2 rows of evergreen.  I only secured the ends so that if I needed to adjust the density, I could do it quickly and not have to undo a bunch of ties.  By wrapping it tightly, it seemed that securing only the ends worked ok.

add lights

add ornaments

and that's it. It's ready for the porch!

lanterns and silk poinsettias make decorating easy

slip covers for couch throw pillows are a quick way to add color.

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