Saturday, November 12, 2016

Make an Easy Fill Soap Pumper

Make an easy fill soap pumper from a candle jar.

Drill motor
safety goggles
spray bottle for water
diamond hole saw bit- 24mm (I got it on Amazon for about $5.00)
dremil tool with cut down tool

candle jar with glass gasket lid
sanitizer bottle and pump

Cut off the top of the sanitizer bottle as the anchor.  The collar of the pump will need to be cut down because the threads of the collar don't run the whole length of the collar.  I found that only sanitizer bottles have long enough necks to go through thicker glass lids.

You may want to mark the center with a permanent marker before drilling.
Put on your safety goggles and gloves.

spray some water on the lid before drilling.

The bit jumps around quite a bit before it takes hold and can scratch the top. The best position for me to stabilize the drill is sitting on the floor, cross legged with the jar between my legs and the bottom of the drill against my right knee (since I'm right handed). Using very light pressure at first so the bit isn't dancing all over the top and scratching it, gradually add a bit more pressure.

Stop drilling often and spray more water. To keep drill bit from becoming hot, use enough water and not too much pressure.  Bit should never be more than warm.

Use a few tissues to clean out the pieces of glass and water.  Rinse of jar and lid.

cut down the collar of the sanitizer bottle pump so the threads will match up with the base when you put it together. Use the glass plug you cut out as a guide for how much to take off.  Not all glass lids are the same thickness.

Push the sanitizer bottle base through the hole in the glass top and screw pump down snug.

Done!  And easy to refill- enjoy!