Friday, June 25, 2010

Cake Pedestal Tutorial with Vases

Since it's wedding season, here's a fun way to show off your cake. 

Get two pair of vases. These came from the thrift store for $1-$2.  You will also need 3 glass platters to put the cakes on.

Then take one of each vase style and tape them together. Turn the smaller one upside down and tape the base of the taller one to the base of the smaller one with clear box tape.  Not all vases have a perfectly flat bottom.  If they are wobbly when you stack them, take a wad of clear box tape and stick in the low spot before you tape them together. (This was Eileen's idea to use vases :)

Arrange the vases on a table in a triangle formation with the tallest one that you just taped together in the back and the medium height and smallest one in front of that. 

Add three flat clear glass platters on top of each vase and it's ready for your cake. This is shown with cake tops only. Then you can add some netting, fabric or flower petals around the base of the vases. 

This is a inexpensive and elegant way to dress up the cake table. Have fun! (Remember to let the bride and groom know to hold on to the edge of the platter when they cut the cake since it isn't attached to anything.)

I have been told that it costs less to order three separate cakes than one wedding cake.  Also see post on how to make your own Three Tiered Wedding Cake.


  1. You're such a smarty pants! What a great idea!

  2. Now how awesome is that!! Thanks for sharing!