Monday, November 16, 2015

Make a Greenery Wreath

Super easy and quick greenery wreath to brighten any room, any season!


2- 18" wire wreath frames
1 paddle 22 gauge floral wire
5- bushes greenery
wire cutters

Cut all greenery stems from base of bush. Push bottom branches up halfway on the stem. These bushes had 12 stems on each base, so I wired 3 stems together to create 4 bunches. (Total of 20 bunches)

You may want to wrap the frames with green ribbon or burlap strips.  Make sure bunches are placed close enough together to cover all wire.

Bend both outside stems outward slightly. Use floral wire to wrap 1 bunch at a time to a DOUBLE wire frame.

 This picture only shows one frame.  When I got done, it didn't lay flat against the wall because it was warped either from the weight of the greenery or because I wrapped the wire too tight.  I would strongly suggest using 2 frames together!

Continue adding 1 bunch at a time around the wreath, evenly spaced till covered.