Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make a Drop Leaf Plywood Sewing Table

This cost about $50.  I found a full sheet of top grade plywood on the scrap rack at the home center.  It had defects in the veneer and couldn't be stained so it was only $25.  The hinges and bolts were about $25.  Walmart's hinges are less than Home Depot. Walmart's hinges are non-removable pins and you could save another $5. The table is designed with removable pin hinges on the top so when transporting, you just pull the pins to disassemble. You could use non-removable pins and save some $. I always have paint, stain and clear coat around for projects.  If you're buying paint, be sure to check out the mis-tinted bargains.  Quarts are usually $2 and gallons are $5, another big savings! When I decided to add a double top, I went back and found another full sheet of rougher grade for $5.  You can see that using scraps can make your project very inexpensive.

This farm style work table (including leg support) were made all from one sheet of plywood.

Add an optional double layer top for extra weight to eliminate vibration.

Add a distressed finish to go with any decor.

 The drop leaf adds extra work space and easily folds down to save space.

I needed a sturdy work table for my sewing room that didn't vibrate when the machine is running pedal to the metal. I first tried a swing out arm to support the drop leaf. As you can see there is too much slop in the hinge.

Then I opted for the leg support, plenty sturdy.  This design with instructions is available in my Etsy shop-