Friday, February 26, 2016

DIY Boxwood Wreath

Make your own boxwood wreath, an easy and fun project for any season!


2-18 inch wire wreath forms
3- 9ft boxwood garlands
paddle of 26 ga floral wire
blue painter tape (optional)

heavy scissors or wire cutters

Begin by cutting all 3 garlands into sprigs that are about 5-6 in long and have 4 knuckles of leaves on each.  You should end up with about 24 sprigs for each garland, total of 72. Make the cut on an angle and as close to the vine as possible so it blends in and isn't a blunt cut that is noticeable.

Make bunches of boxwood that will be attached to the forms by wiring 3 springs together to make each bunch.

Since there is not much stem to work with, thread the wire thru the first group of branches and twist.

Wrap the wire around the stems a few times and end by twisting with the tail that came from between the branches where you started the first twist.

Now you have 1 bunch. Continue making bunches with all the remaining sprigs. You should end up with 24 bunches.

Place wire forms on top of each other, attach end of wire by twisting thru both forms. (I use 2 because it can end up heavy enough to make just 1 form warp and not lay flat against the wall or door.) You are ready to begin attaching bunches. You may want to section off the wreath with blue painters tape (optional) so you have a reference for spacing and the number of bunches.

You will be wrapping the wire around the wreath forms as you add bunches

To help stabilize each bunch, since there aren't really stems to work with, thread wire between a section of branches and keep the stem ends on the inside of the form for uniform direction and coverage on the outside, larger side of the wreath. Then wrap wire over the ends a few times before going to the next bunch.

Continue adding bunches around the wreath and secure and twist off wire when done.

So easy and cute!  You did it!  Great Job!