Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Make Floral Cake Toppers

Make your own floral cake toppers!

You will need:
2 rose garlands
1 varigated ivy bush
fern leaves
18 ga wire
floral tape
3 spray can lids
floral foam
hot glue gun
wire cutters

 Start by making the base with the spray can lids. Press the open side of the lid down on the floral foam.

 Break off the extra foam around the lid and trim off the foam so it's flush with the top.

 Repeat with each lid.  Now your bases are ready.
Normally I would use flowers with stems that are longer.  But I liked the roses on the garland better than others I could find.  The garland also had rose buds on it that adds variety to the arrangement. Cut all the flowers from the vine. 

The stems will be too short and need to be wired and taped together.  Cut 4" pieces of wire and use floral tape to connect the wire to the stems.

For each topper you will make 3 separate bouquets and then glue all three in the base. Each bouquet will have: 2 large flowers, 2-3 buds, 1 stem of ivy and a piece of fern leaf.  Wire and tape any stems that are too short.

Then combine and tape all the pieces for each bouquet.

Once you have 3 bouquets assembled, trim the wires so there is about 1.5 inches on the tail.

Apply hot glue around the tail of the bouquet and sick into foam base. Repeat with the other two bouquets.

Now you have 1 complete topper.

Make 6 more bouquets and glue 3 each into the last 2 bases.

Top view.

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