Saturday, February 26, 2011

Balloon Chandelier Tutorial

1- large hula hoop (10 feet around)
1- small hula hoop (5 feet around)
1- pink plastic tablecloth (54x 108)
8- white balloons (12 inch)
7- red balloons (12 inch)
Red curling ribbon
6 heart ornaments
Clear box tape


If hula hoops are not found, since they are sold seasonally, you can use flex pipe and couplings from the home center store. It is sold in 10 ft. pieces.

Begin by cutting the tablecloth in half, lengthwise. Then fold in half again lengthwise. Cut fringe starting at edge and cut towards fold up to 3 inches from fold.

Create a casing by stapling 3 inches from fold every 6 inches.

Undo seam on hula hoop and thread hoop thru casing. Use box tape to join ends of hoop together and tape seams of fringe.

Cut 4 pieces of curling ribbon, 2 feet long and attach one end to large hoop, evenly spaced. (Punch a hole thru the fringe big enough to fit ribbon thru and tie with several square knots.) Attach opposite end to small hoop, leaving 14 inches of ribbon in between hoops. Cut 4 pieces curling ribbon, 36 inches long and 1 piece 50 inches long. Gather one end of each ribbon together and make a loop knot in the end (this will be the loop that the chandelier hangs from). Tie the 4 pieces to the large hoop at the same place the previous ribbons were tied. The long piece in the middle will be used for the longest tier of balloons.

Inflate balloons and attach to a 5 foot piece of curling ribbon with slip knots holding the balloon ends. Attach 3 balloons spaced 2-3 inches apart and tie to the ribbon previously attached. Repeat 3 more times so they are evenly spaced around the hoop. Cut 4 pieces curling, each 36 inches or more and use the blade of scissors to run the ribbon over and curl. Staple a heart decoration to one of the ribbons. Tie this group of ribbons to the group of balloons, repeat 3 more times.

Cut five pieces of curling ribbon each 36-46 inches long. Curl 3 pieces and staple heart decorations to the ends of the other 2. Attach this group of ribbons along with 3 more balloons using slip knots to the long piece of ribbon in the center. This total length measurement of chandelier is about 67 inches long.

Your decoration is now ready to be hung. Your guests will enjoy this and you will too!

How to make a Fabric Covered Tack Board

Make a decorative tack board for pictures or notes.

1- 4x 8 foot sound board (makes 6- 24x 32 boards)
Have it cut at the home center when you buy
1 yd. of 60" fabric for 2 boards (or 3 yds. for all 6)
Floral wire
Contact paper or poster board

Glue gun
Wire cutters
T pin or small nail
Begin by making two holes, one inch a part for the wire hanger in the corners of the sound board with a T pin or small nail.

Thread the floral wire thru the two holes and twist them together and make a loop as a hanger and twist the end at the base of the loop.

Cut fabric in half, lengthwise (36x 30). Spread fabric on a table with right side down and lay a piece of sound board on it, centering it.

With the glue gun, make a bead of glue down one side. Fold fabric over edge and press down over glue.

For corners, trim fabric by cutting a triangle off the corner of the fabric, leaving 1/4- 1/2 allowance once folded over sound board. Continue gluing fabric around edges, while pulling the fabric snug around the sound board and corners.

To finish the back, cut contact paper or poster board 1/2 smaller than board on all edges and glue or stick to back. Cut slits for hangers to pass through.

Your project is now complete and can be hung for a message or picture board!